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 > The first one would be to execute POST actions. I'm sure that's been
 > in your sights lately as well.
Yes. I am planning to implement the POST method. It should present no

Nice to hear that. Currently waiting at the edge of my seat.

Cookies are just mime headers. Since the http_get function returns all
headers received with the document and also alows the caller to specify
mime headers to be sent in the request, you should have no problem
whatsoever emulating them, except finding the documentation about it.
You can take a look at the CGILua implementation, but that would be
cheating. :-)

See, now that's exactly what I meant when I said I wasn't "quite sure of the complexity of the elements involved" and that "perhaps you could enlighten me". There you go. I'll take a look into that ASAHP.

Speaking of CGILua -- any news coming from that front? When can we expect to see CGILua for Lua 4.0 come out?


Pedro Miller Rabinovitch
Gerente Geral de Tecnologia
Cipher Technology