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First of all thanx a lot to Sebby and Luiz Henrique for the
help and guidelines provided.

I've been trying a LUA 3.1 version with multithread support
that I found at LUA's main page as non official resource.
The fact is that it hangs when doing a simple 'repeat' loop
with a concatenation and a 'print' inside:

function test()
  local i

  i = 1
    print("I'm iteration #"..i)
  until i>100

It will never work, am I wrong ? Is this version functional ?

I've been taking a look to messages that talk about co-routines
but I still don't understand what they are. I've seen some
examples but I don't understand them. It seemed like routines
call themselves in such a recursive way but I need multithred
to be transparent to the script designers.

Last question... by now ;)  Is there any way to download ALL
list messages in a single file or something like that so that
I can read them offline ?