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>  Since now I'm creating a new state for each script. Then I
>  register the API functions on EVERY state, and launch the
>  script. As I create a new state for every script running, I
>  have to register ALL the API functions (near 300) for each
>  script run and I can't use global variables. Loosing global
>  variables are not a problem, but I don't like to register
>  the functions each time.

I've posted one or more solutions for this. See the archives.
Here is a simple solution:

 Define a "getglobal" tag method that tries to match the name to one of
 your 300 API functions (if they all begin with the same prefix, this is
 easier). If there is a match, return the API function as a C function
 from the "getglobal" tag method.