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Dirk Ringe wrote:
> QT signal/slot system does not only need a preprocessor, but also uses
> string message parsing, with causes a lot of overhead. Any decent template
> based C++ callback system should be able to outperform the signal/slot
> system and also provide more type safety (which is essentially for free on a
> template system).
> For infos about C++ callbacks look at the following site:
> I did extend the system so that I am able to bind a Lua function to a
> callback, so that when the C++ object calls the callback it can jump
> seamless into Lua (without even knowing about Lua in the system).  Very nice
> feature, when you don't know beforehand, what parts of your code will be
> written in Lua and what in C++ (sometimes we got to switch from Lua to C++
> for performance reasons, etc.)
> Dirk

May I ask how you were able to bind lua to these callbacks? The game
windowing system I am modifying is a mini-Qt-alike system for the
Allegro game library. (No language extensions or string parsing, but it
does require gui objects to inherit from a base gui object class in
order to gain access to the signal and slot controlling methods.) My
goal is to be able to dynamically create/modify/save guis from a lua
console within a program. A big part of this would be using lua
functions transparently as signals/slots.

Many thanks,

James Hearn