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Why the need to do that?  That leads to hard-to-read code that is no more
efficient than a easier to understand layout.  Are we going to have an
Obfuscated Lua Code Contest?

What is wrong with this way?  It is no different in functionality and easier
to understand.

c = f()
while c == 1 do
  c = f()

Steve 'Sly' Williams - Code Monkey -

> In the code below I would like to assign 'c' the return value of function
> 'f', and have c(or the return value of function 'f') compared to the
> right-hand side. From the looks of the Lua syntax, you can't do this in
> I get:
> error: `)' expected;
>   last token read: `=' at line 6 in file `t2.lua'
> Can Lua be easily changed to handle this? Just curious, as I sometimes
> similar code in C.
> function f()
>   return 1
> end
> c=0
> while (c=f()) == 1 do
>   print(c)
> end