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> the tolua docs are somewhat cryptic about this, so I just ask the list. We
> are currently doing a game with lua as script engine for animation
> definitions, user interface and other stuff. We use tolua for binding our
> game objects to lua. Now there are some questions about how tolua uses
> memory management and works together with the garbage collector. Since we
> currently use tolua 3.2, but probably switch to tolua 4.0 when it is ready,
> it would be nice if the questions are answered for both versions!
> 1. I create a c++ object from within lua, with something like
>         button = CMnuButton:new()
>   Will the appropriate destructor be called when button leaves the scope
> (ie. the GC gets it)?

no, it won't be collected. objects created with "new" should be explicitly
deleted with "delete".
or you may call the function "takeownership" to tell tolua to collect it when it
leaves the scope.

> 2. Now I register the object within my framework. From now on my framework
> should be responsible for this object, and the GC should NOT delete the
> userdata associated with button, when button is collected. Is there any
> chance to do something like this?
> Ex:
>   function Dialog()
>     local b1
>     local b2
>     b1 = CMnuButton:new()
>     b2 = CMnuButton:new()
>     Screen:RegisterButton(b1)
>     Screen:RegisterButton(b2)
>   end

again, it will not be garbage collected.

> 3. I have methods that return pointer to an object. Will this object stay
> untouched when the var where it is referenced by leaves the scope?


> 4. I see from the code, that tolua makes copies of userdata objects returns
> by reference or value. Are these objects correctly collected when they leave
> scope?

in that case, it will be collected. the behavior here is the same as when you
call "takeownership".

-- waldemar