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> I have set up the debug hooks, this works fine. But when I call lua_dostring
> inside them, the string is evaluated in the global scope (ie. local
> variables are hidden to it). I would need to evaluate it in the local scope
> instead (at the spot I am located in the debugging process). Is there any
> reasonably easy way to do so?
	I've almost finnished the new version of the Lua Debugger, where
there is a solution to that problem.  I think the easiest way is to copy
all locals at globals, then evaluate the string and after all update the
locals.  This is implemented in the function Y.localdostring at the new
package (now it is called yield).  I'll update Ldb's page and create a new
one in some minutes:

	Remember: this is still alpha version!  I will appreciate comments
and any suggestion.