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An update of the Lua EPOC port (for Psion PDAs and the like) is now
available on my web page (, and choose "Lua" from the

A couple of us have used it quite a lot, and it seems stable.

I had to hack around three problems to make this port work:

1. EPOC's strtod is broken (if no characters are parsed, the second
argument, endptr, is set to NULL rather than the value of the first
argument). I fixed this with a wrapper function that does the right thing.

2. EPOC has floating point exceptions turned on by default. I added a
function to turn them off, which is called by lua.c's main().

3. EPOC has a fixed stack size, which defaults to 8Kb. This doesn't seem to
be enough; for the moment, I've set it to 16Kb.

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