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Paul Bleisch wrote:
> I was afraid you would say that. :)  I am trying to track
> down a table that seems to be disappearing.  I get table A
> (checked validity with lua_istable()) from table B and then
> try to get a value from A but lua_istable() says it is no
> longer a table (lua_istable() says no).

Just a guess: have you applied the two 1-liner patches?
The seconds one fixes a gettable bug.

Ciao, ET.

lgc.c: 155c155
<       return ismarked(clvalue(o)->mark);
>       return ismarked(clvalue(o));

lvm.c: 123c123
<     const TObject *h = luaH_get(L, hvalue(t), t+1);
>     const TObject *h = luaH_get(L, hvalue(t), L->top-1);