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Bennett Todd wrote:

> 2000-09-25-20:05:35 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
> > >I tried to whomp it up in lua but I'm not a lua programmer, and Lua
> > >4.0alpha (I've not been able to snag the 4.0beta yet) barfs on my
> > >naive attempt.
> >
> > It's simple to fix: It's "end" instead of "done" and "print(n)" instead of
> > "print n". Also, you may want to see what difference adding "local x,i" does...
> Thank you!
> My naive Lua implementation with the fixes did it in 3.51,
> adding the local dropped it to 3.00. That's -vs- 6.00 for ruby
> and 7.16 for perl:
>         1.perl 7.16
>         1.ruby 6.00
>         1.lua  3.00

Ya Gods, Lua whomped on both of them!

That is really impressive.  I'll be sure to wave this in front of the Ruby
programmers' noses.  ~,^

On more complex tasks, such as list lookups, appends, etc. or whatnot, how do these
compare?  I'm no familiar enough with either language to really do some hard-core
benchmarks.  I was tryinh earlier....

Sean Etc.

> -Bennett
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