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Bret Mogilefsky wrote:

> I'll throw Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island
> onto the pile along with MDK2 and Baldur's Gate.  It
> might behoove us to get a more detailed list of commercial
> games utilizing Lua (come on, I know you're lurking out
> there!) simply to prove the point.

I'm not a game developer, but if I was I would like more information than
just the names of games Lua is used in.  I'd like a description of *how*
Lua is used, where it was found to suitable, and where it didn't work out.
I'd also like to know how various people have extended Lua, and how much of
the actual game is coded i.  There are clues about some of this on the Lua
web site's "uses" page, but those are generally brief descriptions, and
don't get into the juicy details.