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Stuff found while implementing Lua 4.0 into uCore... Therse are just
remarks - maybe they can help others...

1) lundump.h, line 29. IN gets defined by Win32 RPC header

2) the "compile" functions in luac.c and other .c in src/luac does not pass
the state as a parameter and is therefor not compatible with a multistate
application. (From a cut 'n paste perspetive)

3) lundump.c - LoadString exists as name in Win32 API.

4) In 3.2 a global could be referenced with lua_Object - Now with the
globals as a table there is no easy way to keep "pointers" to global
variables :-(

5) I have many functions that either creates tables or uses tables as
parameters. .. All the recursive looping needs to be change since I cant
pass lua_Object as a parameter anymore ...

6) the luaL_check_string (lauxlib.h) is now const char* (used to be just
char*) - const is correct - I know - but it break a lot of code (from a
warning perspective)

7) lua_open requires a stack size .... Default is 1000 - can this be changed
while a state is open ? ... I'm setting uCore to 4096 ..

Conclusion #1 - Converting a big application based on Lua to 4.0 is non
triviel and a fair amount of resources should be assigned to the task .. My
estimate for uCore is 60-100 hours ... And uCore is based on a multi state
version of 3.2