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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo schrieb:

> >Watcom C/C++ (Fortran) is being released as open-source
> >
> >This is a great compiler to use for your Lua needs :-)
> May be not: the last version of Watcom C that TeCGraf bought has a faulty cpp,
> which breaks the 16-bit support that we added in 4.0a. I'm not sure whether
> this version is the one to be released (the site above has no files available
> for downloading). Perhaps it's a newer version... Anyway, if it's really
> open source, then it'll be simple to fix what needs to be fixed to compile
> Lua (ANSI cpp must do arithmetic in 32 bits).

It's one of the 11.x versions.
As written in the FAQ, WatCom will be available "in a few months"

I thought WatCom was the compiler with this little message I saw when launching
Duke3D, Descent, DooM, Dark Forces, Command & Conquer, .......saying "DOS/4GW
Professional Protected Runtime"
Now I see them saying WatCom only supports 16 bit Windows and DOS applications ?
Protected Mode is clearly 32 bit only and I've seen Screenshots of a Win95 WatCom
IDE, so what are we going to get there ?

> We did manage to compile a 16-bit Lua 4.0a with Turbo C++, available at
> (Never mind the C++; its C part is good ANSI C...)
> I *think* I also managed to compile a 16-bit Lua 4.0a with Pacific C,
> without much trouble.
> --lhf