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The company I work for is soon releasing the product that we've
incorporated Lua into (see if
you're interested).  The product is an embedded Ethernet switch intended
mostly for telecommunications applications.

We're using Lua for two things.  First, Lua is the language we implemented
the command line interface in.  Writing the command line interface in Lua
was a breeze-- both more productive (and more fun!) than doing it in C.
Second, Lua is (of course) the scripting language for the

Thanks to the Lua developers for creating such a powerful, small, and
utterly useful little language!  We're already on the cutting edge by
providing an embedded Ethernet switch that incorporates a scripting
language.  But with Lua, we're really pushing the envelope by giving end
users a *powerful* language-- not a wimpy little language.  I'm looking
forward to making Lua a standard scripting language for *all* of our
products.  We might even start an industry trend here...