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Thanks!  I will send the scripts tomorrow morning, when the developer 
who has them comes in...

As for knowing that memory is being corrupted, I can see (indirectly) 
that other data structures are being changed.  This is a multi-
tasking system with each task having equal access to memory (one big 
memory space that is shared among tasks).  Memory access is 
serialized via the RTOS, so control of allocation/deallocation is 
assured.  However, being that pointers, etc. can go astray at any 
time, we can't control which process is acting up.  We do know that 
we don't have such problems in the other tasks that we have.  The 
only task that we are experiencing problems with is the Lua task.  As 
I said, I'm convinced that I've done something bad when we ported it, 
I just can't say where...



--- In, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <lhf@t...> 
> >From: twadepgh@y...
> >
> >However, it seems that there is some limit to the number of times, 
> >the complexity, or something of such operations.  When we do this, 
> >memory is being corrupted somewhere.
> I never heard of this.
> How do you know memory is being corrupted?
> >Is there some limit that we aren't aware of?  Stacks, global 
> >namespaces, etc.?
> There are no limits on the number of times dofile may be executed.
> Could you please send us your scripts (directly, not to the list)?
> I'll look into it.
> --lhf