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> > In Python you can pass the function object as a default parameter to
> > work around this problem. However, I have no idea how to work around
> > this in Lua. Upvalues don't work, because the variable is created
> > after the function definition has been evaluated. Just for the fun of
> > it, ideas anyone?
> As you said, it's not straightforward, but you can do it with upvalues:
> function f()
>   local g = {}
>   g.f = function()
>     %g.f()
>   end
> end
	Weird isn't it?  I have never used anonymous functions in other
languages to make a comparison.  Maybe there are a known solution.  How
does it work in Lambda-calculus?
	It also can be done with the debug API (BTW, I don't think it's
a better solution):

function anonymous(n)
   if n < 0 then return end
   getstack(1,'f').func (n-1)

	It does work in Lua 4.0 alpha!