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A couple of instructions on how the new list server works.

To post a message to the list (which now has 220 subscribers), send it to
This has not changed.
Also, it still true that replies go to the list and not to the sender.

Administrative requests should be sent to
Add your request (subscribe, unsubscribe) to the Subject.
This is the opposite of what listproc wanted.
Also, there's no need to repeat your full name when subscribing (yes! :-).

Error reports and such should be sent to

The archive is being stored but the copy in the ftp site won't be updated
until I'm sure the list is ok. It seems to be ok, except for the regrettable
almost-loop that repeated my first posting.
(If you are curious about the almost-loop, see the end of this posting.)

If this posting works perfectly, then tomorrow I'll send a few postings that
never made it to the old list.

Thanks again for your patience.

About the almost-loop (If you want to discuss this, send mail directly to me;
in other words, do *not* reply to this message, or it'll go to the whole list.):

As far as I could tell, the almost-loop was caused by a mailer somewhere
bouncing my first posting and *not* looking at the headers I added, which were

 Precedence: bulk
 To: Multiple recipients of list <>

I understand that mailers should bounce to the address in Errors-To, but that
mailer used to To: address :-(

I welcome any comments on these headers and what I could do to avoid loops.
I think it might just be adding a "X-Originator: some text" and them rejecting
messages that contain this field.