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Luiz asked:
> (I wonder how many people in this list really use Windows...)

John Miley wrote:
> Unfortunately, I do, though not by choice I assure you. *chuckle*

Michael Richter wrote:
> I do.  And fully by choice.

Where I work, we all have Windows boxes on our desks, but we also have
X-Windows servers (we like the one from Hummingbird).  This lets us run our
favorite Windows applications and productivity software and also have
access to our various SunOS and Linux boxes around the company.  Mixing
Windows and Unix in this way might make the purists go pale, but it
actually works quite well giving the engineers more choice and more options
for software.

Obligatory relevance to Lua:  Although recent messages from me suggest I
really need to read the manual better, I really have been using Lua quite a
bit.  And I've been very happy with Lua's ability to run equally well under
Windows or the various flavors of Unix I use.  I can compile code for
whatever platform I'm currently under and fully expect it to work on the

So thanks to the folks on this list for the Microsoft Windows and X Windows
icons.  I'll use them both!