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>From  Mon Jun 19 11:17:13 2000

>If you are looking for an ANSI compiler, have a look at the shareware 
>pacific c compiler:


>It seems, that it is ANSI, but I'm not shure. They tell much about ANSI in 
>their manual.

That's the problem. They all say it's ANSI, but their notion of ANSI varies.
Of course, the compilers I tested are quite old, and it might be true that
they were ANSI when they were released...

>What is/means LTN1?

LTN = Lua Technical Notes.

>Maybe I will find a freeware ANSI C compiler for you...

That would be great. Thanks.
What compiler are you using for your HP200LX Organizer?

What I'm really looking for is a cross-compiler, something that can be
run in Linux, but generates 16-bit code, with all its limitations.
Of course, compilers for DOS are ok, even if it's not the most convenient
thing for me.