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>From  Mon Jun 19 10:24:38 2000
>I own a little HP200LX Organizer with DOS on it.

I feel that 16-bit environments are a nice niche for Lua, especially
because Lua is small (and can be made smaller, see LTN1), and the
competition (perl, python) is bloated. :-)
I'd like to see Lua running on a Palm Pilot.

>Would it be possible to compile Lua for such a NOT 32 bit machine? 

It should be possible, if you have an ANSI C compiler for it. Do you?
If your compiler is 100% ANSI, then no changes should be required in the code.

Actually, we're looking for an ANSI C compiler that has 16-bit ints so that
we can test Lua 4.0.

I tried Turbo C 2.0, but it's not really ANSI.
I also tried Watcom C for DOS, but its preprocessor is not ANSI, and breaks
the tests we do in llimits.h.
Does anyone have a suggestion?