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Using labels remembers me of good old basic times:

The spaghetti code strikes back!

I think, it should not be possible to use labels at all. If you first have 
them, you jump around in the code as you like, but nobody can read it.

A short time ago I tried to compile perl/TK on an HP9000 and stopped this, 
because they use Labels in C (uuurrrghh). I needed a quater of an hour to 
come behind, how the code may work - I than gave up. The perl people 
really stipped all the TCL initialisation from TK and replaced it with 
perl. This is a clean way, but also means much work and you then would 
have to track on developement yourself  :-(

Maybe sometime there will be a smaller (and faster) UIMS for Lua  (IUP????