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>From  Sat Jun 17 19:07:54 2000
>From: Fred Bertsch <>
>For example, I read a 28k file in, and the C library function strlen()
>reported about 11k, but the Lua library function strlen() reported about
>26k.  This was under Windows NT.

This can happen and still be right, if the file contains embedded zeros.

>This causes functions like strfind() which read the whole string to crash
>the program.

Now, that shouldn't happen.
Perhaps this is a bug in strfind, possibily the one below:

 ** lstrlib.c
 Tue May  2 15:27:58 EST 2000
 >> `strfind' gets wrong subject length when there is an offset
 (by Jon Kleiser; since 4.0a)

>Lua code to read it.  I didn't delve all that deeply into the io library,
>so it's possible I misdiagnosed the problem.

Yes, please send data and code that reproduces the problem.