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Falko Poiker wrote:
> You say I shouldn't mix userdata and lua-tables...

I had the impression, that you wanted to implement a new object
type and sometimes have it as userdata and sometimes as a table
with the C-code automagically converting between these two
representations invisible to the Lua program.  And IMHO that's
calling for problems.  Maybe I should have better said: choose
_one_ representation for your new type.

> Would you say tolua implements its classes completely by using
> tables then?

Sorry, I'm the wrong one for tolua.  I know nothing about how
tolua does its work.

> I want to reproduce this in my code, with a few modifications,
> using the tolua code as a model - I know it's weird (I could
> just *use* tolua)

What's weird with this?  It's just the "I do and I understand" ;)

Ciao, ET.