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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> In 4.0 alpha we introduced "break" and labels for "break".
> We are now inclined towards removing these labels (but keeping "break".)
> Would anyone have a *good* use for labels?
> --lhf

Hmm... forgive me, I havent been keeping up with Lua development... instead
of labels, could we have 'levels' of break?  For example, if you have a
nested for loop in, say, C, and you break out of the inner one, you are
still in the outer one, and there is no way of knowing you broke out of the
inner one unless you set some kinda weird flag... I think something like
'break 2' would be really useful... and of course have a simple 'break' be
synonymous with 'break 1'.

Just my $.02

Sean Etc.