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>IUP is going to be distributed free sometime during this year, I guess.
Ooooohhhhh!! Sorry, for not yet reading the paper (I'm still at work), but 
all I read about it seems, that it could be a good alternative for Tk. 
There are many graphics toolkits, but most are not explicitely written for 
to be used from interpreted languages. So bringing up results it sometimes 
a bit heavy.

At all - many programmers (as me) try to use open source software. Last 
year our company had to change they transaction monitor, just because the 
old one was sold from NCR to BEA - and then terminated. The best example 
is Linux. If programmers learn to use languages or toolkits, normally they 
look, if they get a  knowledge they could use at other companies too. And 
since tools get most common, if they are free, they will be used much more 
often, as if they are commercial products. Ok, making money is another 
thing... But mostly companies does not make the most money with their 
frameworks - they do it by using their framework. And normally they know, 
how to use it the best themselves. This for example for transvirtual 
(kaffe virtual machine).