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I just wanted to introduce myself to this list.

I was searching for a small language interpreter and found LUA, which, as 
it seems to me, has a clean concept and is very small and easily 
implementable to C-programs. But I'm totally new to this and hope to find 
some interesting discussions on this List.

I mainly do administration for "MAN nutzfahrzeuge AG" in Germany, Munich 
and mostly do shell-programming and a bit C language. 

I think of coding a software management system to bring up newly written 
programs to production - and back, if they fail. This all for the Tuxedo 
transaction monitor and webbased. I'm half done with this, but till now 
without LUA. I will se, how to implement this. I never used a mix of C and 
interpreted language before. 

Additionally I would like to use LUA as some kind of shell for some tasks, 
because I like the syntax very much. I had a look at S-Lang, TCL, Perl and 
Python, but they all seemed to be too huge to me, or I did not like the 

Although I would be interested in any discussion about LUA and any small 
user interface toolkit (not as big as TK). I heard about IUP, but even it 
seems to fit in this very well, it seems to be commercial - not good for 
me. MAN is such a poor company...   ;-)

Hope to enjoy discussion,