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> >I would like to have a "securedostring" command... That would be a
> >that only would allow simple expressions and the functions defined in
> >mathlib .. I would use this to allow my user to type simple expressions
> >entry fields, but I do not want my users to be able to call functions
> >defined) and other C functions..
> This still leaves the problem of 's' having calls to "unsafe" functions.
> The easiest solution seems to be to evaluate this in a state that contains
> noting but the "safe" functions, in your case, the ones from mathlib.
> This state is easily created in Lua 4.0 with lua_newstate("builtin", 0,
> and then open mathlib in this state.
> The state would also contain any global variables that would be needed in
> your expressions. These global variables have to set from C.

Well ofcause... I'm "mister multistate" in the first place ... Why did'nt I
think of that :-))