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Follows the list with all currently known bugs of 4.0 alpha:

  ** lstrlib.c
  Tue May  2 15:27:58 EST 2000
  >> `strfind' gets wrong subject length when there is an offset
  (by Jon Kleiser; since 4.0a)

  ** lparser.c
  Fri May 12 15:11:12 EST 2000
  >> first element in a list constructor is not adjusted to one value
  >> (e.g. «a = {gsub('a','a','')}»)
  (by Tomas; since 4.0a)

  ** lparser.c
  Wed May 24 14:50:16 EST 2000
  >> record-constructor starting with an upvalue name gets an error
  >> (e.g. «local a; function f() x = {a=1} end»)
  (by Edgar Toernig; since 3.1)

(The dates refer to when the bug was fixed.) We are sorry that we forgot to 
report this second bug in the list. 

-- Roberto