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>From  Wed Jun  7 22:29:08 2000
>From: Yutaka Ueno <>
>I think it is probably a bug in Lua 4 alpha.

Yes :-( Sorry.

>I am really looking foward to a release version.

A beta version is goind to be released in a month or so.

>From: Edgar Toernig <>
>I think, this is the right patch:
>--- lparser.c.orig      Thu Jun  8 04:47:09 2000
>+++ lparser.c   Thu Jun  8 04:47:31 2000
>-        luaK_tostack(ls, &v, 0);
>+        luaK_tostack(ls, &v, 1);

Yes, this has been fixed since the release of 4.0a.

Thanks for pointing it out.