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>From: Jon Kleiser <>

>I have now built a PowerMac Lua 4.0 (alpha) application, and that was 
>really easy. The only warning that CodeWarrior Pro 5 gave me, was 
>about some possibly superfluous ";" at the end of a simple while 
>line, which I ignored.

Could you please send us the exact location so that we can se if it's something
that can be "fixed"?

>As I tried to run one of my bigger scripts, I got the "error: read 
>patterns are deprecated" message. My script used read(fileRef, 
>"....") to read four bytes.

Now you can use read(fileRef,4) to read 4 bytes!

>I've found
>    #define read_pattern(L, f, p) (lua_error(L, ...
>in the file liolib.c, but can somebody please tell me what to do with 
>this line to enable the old read patterns ...?

You have to #define LUA_COMPAT_READPATTERN to enable the old read patterns.
It says so in "config", but I guess you're not using "make".