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>From: "John Passaniti" <>
>Thanks for the quick reply.  I guess I completely missed that statement in
>the documentation.  Sorry!
>Not to be a pest, but I assume this means that not only is the object code
>portable, but numeric representation is as well.  If I have the Lua
>     x = 3.14
>..then I assume I don't have to worry about potentially different floating
>point representations?

Right. The same man page says:

 "By default, numbers are saved in text form, for maximum portability."

The man page is also available in the distribution in lua/doc/ and

>By the way, thanks to you and the others for creating Lua!  It's a very
>nice little language, and packs quite a lot of power without a big
>footprint.  I was at first afraid to embed it in our application (an
>Ethernet switch product), but seeing where else Lua is being used, and
>actually playing with it convinced me this is a fine language for scripting
>our application.

Thanks for the compliments.
Please consider sending an entry describing your project.
See .

Also, if you're using Lua in embedded systems, you may want to read
	Technical Note 1 - Minimal Lua installations
for tips on how to create very small Lua installations.