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Russ wrote:

> Where can those of us who would like to learn more about the macros of
> lisp and Dylan look for a simple explaination?

The macro system of Scheme, which is a very clean dialect of Lisp, is
probably a good one to study.  Following is a link to the macro chapter of
"An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation".  Possibly it isn't very
easy to undestand.  But the nice thing is that it begins by considering a
naive implementation (such as in Lisp) and works from there.  No doubt that
Scheme is a tough vitamin to swallow... but it will make you strong.  (I
still have a long way to go.)

The macro system in Dylan shares Scheme's important trait of being hygienic,
which means you never have to worry about name clashes.  All I found was a
brief example:

To me Dylan is basically a rendering of Scheme using infix ("C") syntax,
adding a great module and OO system, and the ability to do static typing and
match C's performance when necessary.  Unfortunately the most significant
implementation is commercial and windows-only.