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> I think this is the destiny of embedded language - I've choosen
> Lua because
> it HAS NOT tons of libraries I don't need.
> Looking for embedded language you mind its size and extension
> capabilities.
> If it also has nice, clean Pascal-like syntax, as Lua does - that's all I
> need.
> Maciej

I agree with Maciej, but with one little remark:

For our project we needed a small and fast embedabble language - Lua seemed
be the best choice. The only objections against Lua were small things like
implementation of OOP, absence of interger numeric type or problem with
global variables
being the default - that is things rising from the fact that Lua language
was designed
to be simple configuration language. If we've not needed great control over
interpreter and the speed of it, Python would be the best choice because the
of this language perfectly suits our needs, it's very clean and synoptic,
and it is
much faster to develop larger program in Python than in Lua.

So, in my opinion, it is no doubt that Python is better language than Lua.
only when speaking about the language itself, not the whole environment,
is very huge and is not ideal for embedding in application as a "helper"
language. We decided to use Lua because it's small, fast and the embedding
application has much more control over it than in case of Python. But if
there was
a language which is as great as Lua in embedding capabalities and as great
as Python in language desing, I would definitely go for it.