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"Nick Trout" <> wrote:
> What about Python? Its simpler and more powerful than Lua. 

How is Python simpler or more powerfull?

> It has proper classes and no confusing upvalues or tags. 

That does make it easier to get started but Python classes are very limiting
compared to prototypes in Lua. You can also easily implement Python-like
classes in Lua. upvalues and tags are confusing, but aren't things most Lua 
developers should ever have to use after setting up their object system.

> It would be really nice if there was a version of Lua that you could just 
> some memory (including the state info) and all allocation was done through 
> and all code was generated in this. You could serialise a whole frozen Lua
> state? Great for memory limited systems (and you could monitor illegal 
> access more easily). Maybe it exists already and I havent read the docs!

That would be very cool. LISP and Smalltalk have that ability. There are 
portablility issues for using the same frozen state on a different platform