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[listproc choked on this one. --lhf]

>From: Bennett Todd <>
>Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:03:13 -0400
>To: Luc Van den Borre <>
>Cc: Multiple recipients of list <>

2000-04-17-18:32:48 Luc Van den Borre:
> I'm interested in mobile code - (LUA) code received by an
> application from an external, perhaps untrusted source.

A very, very tough problem.

> - restrictions on file-access
> - cpu usage limitations (which would probably mean pre-emptive
>   multitasking between scripts)
> - memory limitations (no more than a fixed amount of memory to
>   play with)
> - time limitations (run no longer than fixed amount of cycles or
>   get killed)
> - doesn't crash - or at least crashes nicely without taking down
>   the host program

Noble goals, and nicely specified. A couple more to add:

  - restrictions on memory access within the program (can't read or
    write arbitrary locations in memory within the process)
  - restrictions on other syscalls --- e.g. connect, kill, ...

I've no idea whether Lua is well-suited to applying such
restrictions, but I'll say this: if its designers felt that it was,
I'd be a _lot_ liklier to trust it in a role like this than any
competitor I've seen, including most especially Java and Javascript.

Simplicity is a virtue. Doubly so when security is a goal.