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>From: YutakaUeno <>

>I was wondering if the new version still listen for users feadbacks.

We welcome user feadback. That's one of the reasons for this list!

>--->   foreachindex(list, function [, start [,stride [,end]]] )
>Thanks goodness for this new function in ver 3.2.
>After several programmings, I found it could change start index 0
>and various increment. Also a much diffent name can reduce typo error
>against 'foreach'. i.e. forloop(), forcount(), forindex(), ...
>whatever you like. But, the name should stay unchanged if many users
>use it.

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit lost here. Are you proposing a new function called
"foreachindex", simila to "foreachi", except that it would accept 3 additional