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Erik Hougaard wrote:
> I know some of the things I would like to see?
> ...
> 1. Language constants - That would compile to values.

I though about that myself, something like:

	x = $(f(3)+4*5)

so that part inside the $(...) is executed  by the lexer
and the result, a lua object, is passed up to the parser
as a special kind of constant.

But I never started to implement it.  It was just an idea...

> 1. BCD support for embedded platforms without floating point.

I made a complete lua with integer arithmetic.  No floating point
anywhere.  The standard lua has some problem when LUA_NUM_TYPE is
long - it still uses floating point in a lot of places.

I once posted a patch for this to the mailing list.  In the
meantime I've added some more stuff (more operators, and, or, xor,
not, shift left/right, ...).

Ciao, ET.