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My question was unclear...

Of course the A* algorythme will be only implement in C++...

The problem is :

1) we have (will have) 100 functions available for the scripts (ex: 
castOf(who), isPlayer(who))
2) we have 10 or 20 incoming type of message (ex: on_hitBy(who), 

Some NPC must be able to be pre-programmed to execute a succesion of 
commands : that's the problem, I have no idea of doing a such thing and I 
don't know of to avoid TONS and TONS of "if then else"... I think (but I'm 
perhaps wrong), that having some simple knowledge in AI would help, but I 
can't find any thing on the web to help me (I've red many many articles but 
nothing help)

Any idea or am I always unclear ?


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De:	Sean Thomas Middleditch []
Date:	samedi 25 mars 2000 01:22
A:	Multiple recipients of list
Objet:	Re: LUA and AI

Nicholas Hesketh wrote:

> That would depend on the sort of AI you're trying to do, and the number 
of entities you need to do
> it for.
> For the mid to high level portion of rpg character AI it should be ideal 
as the scripting
> flexibility outweighs computational overhead, and you can always migrate 
the expensive stuff to
> C/C++ as the game develops.
> Using it for adaptive pathfinding of several hundred units in a strategy 
game is probably not a good
> idea though ;-)
> It's a case of flexibility verses performance, but you'll probably find 
scripting useful for at
> least a portion of your game logic.
> Nick Hesketh.
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> From: Christophe Gimenez <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Date: 24 March 2000 19:51
> Subject: LUA and AI
> >
> >Okay that seems a strange question...
> >
> >But here is my problem : as I would (and will) use LUA as the scripting
> >langage for a game project I've started to find information about AI in
> >games (and of course I don't know a word about AI).
> >
> >Thus, do you think that implementing basic AI principles could be done 
> >LUA ?
> >
> >If yes, we to start from ?
> >
> >I've spent many many many hours and collected many many many links, pdf,
> >doc, html files but for the moment I could'nt learn some basic that I 
> >use in a game.
> >
> >thanks
> >
> >[ if there is an AI-GOD in the mailing list, please send me a mail ;-) ]
> >
> >

AI is fun.  The best AI model I've seen was implemented in Java for a 
roguelike game... The
object-oriented nature rocked.

For an AI, write the unmutable stuff (like pathfinding, logic, etc.) in 
your C/C++ code.  Then write
the control in script.

Something like (in PSEUDO code)

if (see_enemy) then
 enter_battle ()

if (is_dying) then
 find_path (ESCAPE)
 follow_path ()

That's a damn poor example, but I'm tired, so I have an excuse.  ;-)

I think for controlling actions (like go north 3, west 4, get item, east 6, 
say "My, it is raining
frogs.", attack duck,  south 3, west 2, say "Oh no!  I lost my magic Blunt 
Stick of Sharpness!!!") a
specialized language would do best... something simple like

MOVE east 3
SAY "I'm lost"

is best.

Sean Middleditch