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That would depend on the sort of AI you're trying to do, and the number of entities you need to do
it for.

For the mid to high level portion of rpg character AI it should be ideal as the scripting
flexibility outweighs computational overhead, and you can always migrate the expensive stuff to
C/C++ as the game develops.

Using it for adaptive pathfinding of several hundred units in a strategy game is probably not a good
idea though ;-)

It's a case of flexibility verses performance, but you'll probably find scripting useful for at
least a portion of your game logic.

Nick Hesketh.
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From: Christophe Gimenez <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Date: 24 March 2000 19:51
Subject: LUA and AI

>Okay that seems a strange question...
>But here is my problem : as I would (and will) use LUA as the scripting
>langage for a game project I've started to find information about AI in
>games (and of course I don't know a word about AI).
>Thus, do you think that implementing basic AI principles could be done with
>LUA ?
>If yes, we to start from ?
>I've spent many many many hours and collected many many many links, pdf,
>doc, html files but for the moment I could'nt learn some basic that I could
>use in a game.
>[ if there is an AI-GOD in the mailing list, please send me a mail ;-) ]