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>From: "Vincent Penquerc'h" <>

>I'd like to take this occasion to point out that, in my own
>experience, some of the most troublesome errors are typos in
>identifiers. Since Lua is interpreted, compiling a program
>does not ensure all routines it will call are defined.

This issue has been discussed before.
Look for $global or something like that in the archives.

>Nonetheless, it would be nice to have some sort of bugtracking
>program which would try to detect those typos.

The "getglobal" tag method is useful for this.
See the FAQ 3.1:

>For the moment,
>I'm using a plain and simple identifier filter, which scans
>a Lua for them, and then pipes with sort and uniq. This is
>error prone though. I don't see a way this could be done
>automatically though...

See lua/test/globals.lua.