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* Shawn LeBlanc <> wrote:
> I'm trying to run .lua scripts from within a c Win32 console
> application. The only things I'm doing within the C app is 
> calling:
> lua_open();
> lua_dofile("hello.lua"); //hello.lua being from the examples
> lua_close();
> and the script only has this line:
> write("hello world, from Lua!\n")
> But it doesn't work. The lua_dofile() returns 1 and I get the
> message "call expression not a function". What I'm doing is
> pretty basic, and to me logical, but it's not working.

write is not part of the standard lua API. To use it, you have to call
lua_iolibopen and link against lualib as well. See section 6 in the
docs for more info.