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>From  Mon Jan 31 08:35:03 2000
>From: "Maciej Maczynski" <>
>I have C-function registered with lua_register.
>How can I protect them from being re-defined in Lua code?
>I've tried the piece of code from FAQ, but it seems to be working only with
>native Lua functions.

Section 3.3 of the FAQ contains


This protects *all* Lua functions, because we are using "tag(protect)", and
"protect" is a Lua function.
To protect a C function named "f", do


but note that this protects *all* C functions because all C functions have the
same tag.

If Lua allowed tags to be set for functions, then you could proctect only f
by simply setting a newtag for f and using this tag in settagmethod.
However, you can use the more elaborated scheme described in FAQ 3.3.