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lhf wrote:
 >> Just curious, what processor? ... Lua in a embedded processor.

  No, though my phrase might have suggested it.  It's an educational game
for the Windows platform.  But it's very animated, more like an arcade game
than most educational titles.  So by "budget" I meant that I can only
devote so much power to running the scripts before the rest of the system
(graphics/sound/etc) becomes negatively affected on the target machine.  I
can only allow Lua a small portion of a ~= 1/30th second timeslice.

 >> it'll get done faster and it'll probably be more nicely coded!

  Yep.  :)  I had originally intended for Lua to just "fill in" some
standardized data templates for the C code which would then do all the
"real" work of running the game after reading those configuration settings,
perhaps calling back to Lua for the resolution of various "events".  But
that half and half approach tended to make things MORE confusing and
obfuscated.  So now the C code just sets up the system, then calls into Lua
at a regular interval and all the "real" work happens there.
  Plus, the data structures of the game (lots of lists of things, big
"array of structs" type things, etc) are all very elegant when implemented
in Lua.  :)
  Plus, now that everything is in Lua it saves me from having to create
unwrapped versions of many routines for C to use directly then create an
additional wrapper routine for Lua.  Now many routines can be written
exclusively for Lua's use.
  Plus, now I can dump more of the script coding back on the designer.