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On Sat, Nov 06, 1999 at 03:20:10PM -0200, Dave Bollinger wrote:
>   Welcome back, hope your departure from LA was amicable.

It was.  My needs for my career changed and I'm now doing research programming
for Sony on the Playstation 2.  LucasArts was pretty understanding.

>   I noticed your tagline...  there was a brief discussion a while ago about
> Lua on Sega's Dreamcast.  I had to wonder:  was Sony after your C or Lua
> experience?  Could it be that Lua is proposed for the Playstation 2 SDK
> also?

Sony was interested in my math, Linux, and game experience. =) No one's talked
about Lua here unless it's been me raving about it.  There is fairly good
integration between the PSX2 development kit and its host environment... I was
planning on eventually doing some RPC-ish stuff to make it easy to debug and
manipulate things running on the kit from the development machine's keyboard
as I build up my scene library... The compiler for the PSX2 is gcc with gas
customized for the strange processor, so I have little doubt that it'll be
possible to compile Lua for it, but I haven't tried it yet.  Some of my
examples are likely to go out to game developers; if I use Lua, people will
see it there, and of course after seeing just how easy it is to use, they'll
all start using it whether it's got Sony's official stamp or not.  =)

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