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On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 12:26:41AM -0200, Derek Wong wrote:
> I was wondering if someone might
> offer me some advice at implementing cooperative multitasking with
> lua scripts. I'm an amateur programmer so please excuse me if I've
> used the wrong terminology.
> C program runs along and starts a Lua script...
> Lua script does some stuff and then executes a pause() command
>  expecting the C program to resume at that point when it's ready...
> C program goes along doing other stuff and then at some point
>  along the way will check if there are any Lua scripts waiting
>  to be resumed, if there are it will resume their execution at
>  where they left off...

You'll want to read back through the mailing list archives... Start on the
thread "Game oriented usage of Lua?", which you can find here:

At one point in that thread I wrote a LARGE description of how I used Lua in
Grim Fandango when I was at LucasArts, as well as how I modified the
interpreter to support cooperative threading.  I was afraid of getting fired
for divulging details at the time, so I agreed to post on the condition that
it not be included in the archive... However, this is exactly the post you
need!  Oh wait, never mind.  Good thing I already have another job... Here's
the post:

I don't have time to read back through the whole thread right this second to
see if I gave details on the gotchas in threading up the interpreter, but I
can give you a thumbnail sketch of how to do it.

Nice to be back on the list...

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