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Lenny Palozzi wrote:
> Does anyone know how tolua and its binding code compares to SWIG's in
> terms of speed?

I can only comment on the SWIG side, a typical wrapper might look like

Wrapped function: NodeType NodeGetNodeType (Node *);

Wrapper code:

static void _wrap_NodeGetNodeType(void) {
  int  _result;
  Node * _arg0;

  if (!lua_isnil (lua_getparam (1))) _arg0 = lua_getuserdata (lua_getparam
  else _arg0 = NULL;
  _result = (int )NodeGetNodeType(_arg0);
  lua_pushnumber ((double) _result);

As you can see, there isn't really much code around the actual function
call "NodeGetNodeType". This surely helps speed-wise, but there is also no
argument checking, so crashing the program is easy... This is of course a
problem with the way SWIGLua generates wrapper code and could be changed.



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