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1999-11-02-15:12:18 Steve Dekorte:
> What is SWIG?

Excerpted from <URL:>:

    Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

    SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written
    in C, C++, and Objective-C with a variety of high-level programming
    languages. SWIG is primarily used with common scripting languages such as
    Perl, Python, and Tcl/Tk, but has also been extended to include languages
    such as Java, Eiffel, and Guile. SWIG is most commonly used to create
    high-level interpreted programming environments, systems integration,
    and as a tool for building user interfaces. SWIG may be freely used,
    distributed, and modified for commercial or noncommercial use.

Very roughly, you aim swig at a library, cover your ears, let fire, and when
the smoke clears there is a binding for that library (likely written in C) for
whichever other language you are using it with.

I haven't used it yet, but I've kept an eye on it. If ever I need to use a
library and don't have a binding available for it, I expect I'll be using swig
to address the lack.