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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> >>From Sat Oct 16 16:20:06 1999
> >From: Wayne Collins <>
> >
> >The Lua faq states that someone/somewhere is working on a Lua -  GTK
> >binding!
> >My question is who and where?
> Waldemar Celes here at TeCGraf is doing this.
> --lhf

Is it close to being "shareable" ?

Short term reason for asking is that I'm starting  a new project and
would like to use the GTK widget set because it's a richer set of
widgets than what Tk provides and use Lua as the embedded extension

If GTK isn't even close, then I'll go Tk with Tcl as embedded language.

Longer term if GTK and Lua aren't even close, maybe I can help Waldemar
with something.  Please advise ...