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Dear Lua people,

It seems Claudio Terra wasn't the only one having problems with strfind. I
just discovered that Lua in general (Mac, Solaris, 3.1, 3.2) is behaving
somewhat unexpectedly. I'd say it's a bug ...

If you do print(strfind("abc\0efg", "[f]")), you get 6. That's what I want,
but if you do print(strfind("abc\0efg", "f")), you get nil. That's what
bothers me!

I'd be glad to hear your opinion.


Jon Kleiser

Jon Kleiser / ADB-seksjonen / USIT / University of Oslo / Norway
Mail: / Tel: +47-22 85 28 04 / Fax: +47-22 85 29 70