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Hello all,

This is a quiet list. I seem to be the only one having problems.

I have tried to implement a fallback in lua. Unfortunately it produces a
strange error: "lua error: call expression not a function" when calling the
setfallback function. So I assumed something was wrong with my code, but
when I use the example supplied in the lua manual (included below) I get the
same error message. This happens even if I use the precompiled lua.exe.

What is wrong here?

n=0                            -- counter of temporary variables
T={}                           -- table of temporary variables

function arithfb(a,b,op)
 local i=op .. "(" .. .. "," .. .. ")"
 if T[i]==nil then             -- expression not seen yet
   T[i]=create("t"..n)         -- save result in cache
   print(T[i].name ..'='..i)
 return T[i]

setfallback("arith", arithfb)   --  *** set arithmetic fallback produces
error ***